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Web & App development

  • Web Development Services
  • Mobile Apps Development Services
  • Technical Consultant
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Training Service

We are an association with Nordic Coder, which is a coding centre

  • Training
  • Form team
  • Build team
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Hiring & Recruiting

We help tech company find right people for right job positions.

  • Avenger Program
  • Head hunting
  • Consultant resources planing
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We build our own platform for serving clients better, such as having CRM, HRM...

  • CRM
  • HRM
  • ERP
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We Provide Outsourced IT Services
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24/7 Customer support

Geek Hub Solution is from technical background, and because of that, we are really understanding the need of business who need tech solutions, especially for startup company that needs to build fast for going to market earliest, we provide:

Hotline +84939223490

Smart solutions

Geek Hub Solution is a group of talented software engineers, who are passionate in technology as geeks, and we gather at a hub, where we build and consulting modern solutions, recruiting talents and help partner to manage their teams offshore.

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